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2012 Daily Blog - Day 4 Report - Moonta to Marion Bay by Mark "Kakk" McInerney

Martin Roberts - Thursday, September 27, 2012
 Day Ride Time  Distance Average Speed Elevation  Calories 
 4  5 Hours 33 minutes  170 km  30.5 kmh  450 m  2598

Day 4 was greeted by blue skies and a light north easterly wind - perfect riding conditions for our southerly 170km journey from Moonta Bay to Marion Bay on Yorke Peninsula.

All the children led us out from the jetty with one, Ben Melville (eleven years old), continuing the ride for the first 22 kms.

The second hour saw the peloton average over 30 kms/hr until we rode through a swarm of bees. This caused the group to scatter and unfortunately Johnny Pops front wheel touched the rear wheel of Peter Roberts and he went down. Luckily he was the only one and other than a large graze on his left bum cheek and the tearing of his $480 carbon infused bike shorts no other damage occurred. Dr Gus wrapped him up like a drum and he was off.

It showed enormous courage for Johnny not only to finish the stage but also lead out many of the days sprints. Very gutsy!

At lunch in Minlaton, former peleton captain Jamie “Dutchy” Holland joined us. This immediately caused friction in the group as new skipper, Andreas Clark usurped his authority and led a sprint up the hill into Warooka, ably assisted by co-captain Richard Fuller. Poor Dutchy was left in the wake, claiming a breakage on a newly serviced bike – very questionable!

For me personally it was a day of mixed results. Firstly, I got told off for snotting on riders behind me – understandable.

Secondly, the last 30km was a killer, and I limped over the line, both physically and emotionally spent. I can understand the physical part but the emotional side was not expected.

Today we wore our pink jerseys, and for 6 hours, I looked at the word ‘persevere’ on the rear of the shirt.

It dawned on me, the further I went, what this epic ride is all about.

As the great 7 times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong wrote,

               “It’s not about the bike”

Nor is it about the 6 hour day on a small bike seat, the 1,030 kms in 7 days or even the camaraderie between riders and friendships with all the support team.

For me it’s about the young brave boy I unfortunately didn’t know, and his perseverance during his short life. It’s about all the children and families who unfortunately have to go through palliative care. It’s about love, family and friendship.

I’ve been alive 47 years, 365 days (it’s a leap year) and the last 4 days have been some of the greatest.

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