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2012 Daily Blog - Day 6 Report - Marion Bay to Ardrossan by Gus “Wicking Top” Czechowicz

Martin Roberts - Saturday, September 29, 2012
Day Ride Time  Distance Average Speed Elevation  Calories 
 6  5 Hours 21 minutes  157km  29.2kmh  798m  2098

The peloton awoke refreshed but wary as to how the day would unfold after being battered with gale force winds and hail through the night.

The peloton were also psychologically battered this morning as the night before they were informed the leadership group was in disarray as Andreas, like the infamous Captain Schettino of the Costa Concordia, yet again abandoned his crew to hand the reins over to the incoming peloton crew member - “Dutchie”.

Unlike the last riding day, where all riders rolled into Marion Bay in unison like a well oiled machine wearing the identical pink “HARRIS” training jerseys (except the Captains of course, who it must be pointed out forgot to pack their pink jerseys for the trip!!), todays motley bunch hesitantly cycled down the Marion Bay esplanade rugged up in a mixture of varying coloured spray jackets and leg warmers (and some in wicking tops).

The spectrum of hazards that awaited them were no longer snakes and the heat, but rather slippery roads and pot holes concealed by water puddles… not to forget the soft mud verges which Tom very quickly discovered with his now infamous double flip over the handle bars after his front wheel sunk into the soft mud verge. To be honest, technically it wasn’t a “fall” as he did land firmly on both feet, and recounting the spectacle to those not witness to this stunt, “Tumble Tom” as the peloton now refer to him, prefers to describe it as an “unconventional dismount”.

As the peloton cycled eastwards, and after that first early pit stop (initiated by “Bladders O’Brien”), the light spray of rain soon dissipated, to follow up with a potent 35km/h southwesterly tail wind which the peloton seized upon with delight. Today they were on a mission to get to Adrossan before the start of the Swans and Hawks Grand Final clash, and the weather gods had looked favorably on their quest.

The peloton arrived in good time, averaging almost 30km/h over the previous 155km travelled. They were greeted as they were now accustomed to with cold beers and champagne (compliments of “Jonesy”), 2 hard-boiled eggs (compliments of Brenton), and that much needed nourishment (compliments of Mike). Todays meal, in the opinion of this blogger, was on par with the prior gourmet dishes served- sumptuous enough to quell George Calombaris’ palate, with quantities plenty enough to satisfy even Homer Simpson.

The cyclists were treated to a nail biting Grand Final battle courtesy of the Oates and Clarkes, while being massaged by Sue and Richard, served beverages, and offered a kick of the footy at half time in the hotel car park.

The day ended on a high with a fine meal at the Adrossan pub, followed by the usual Captains antics and self-flagellating. The crowd however was left smiling with a fine hip-hop solo dance performance by Henry.

The day that was….

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