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2012 Daily Blog - Day 7 Report - Ardrossan to Tanunda by Nerissa O'Brien, Shane O’Brien, and Roxanne Price

Martin Roberts - Sunday, September 30, 2012
Day Ride Time  Distance Average Speed Elevation  Calories 
 7  5 Hours 50 minutes  151 km  25.9 kmh  615 m  2517

Perseverance….a long day in the saddle for all concerned! The day began with a beautiful morning in Ardrossan with the group expanding to include Martin O’Connor, Sam Croft, Sara Fleming, Eric Cheney, Kym Hill and Graham Stoker. 

Interestingly, the morning briefing by the Captains stated clearly that there would be NO SPRINTING.  The aim of the day was safety first, as well as Andreas reiterating the importance of leadership….gee I wonder if he has mentioned that before?

We were fortunate to leave Ardrossan with the peloton being led by the 24P appliance (not the 34P) from the Nuriootpa CFS brigade.  This later proved to be essential, especially when crossing the Port Wakefield intersections, Freeling highway crossover and the children’s ride in to Nuriootpa.  Reaching Port Wakefield was a welcome relief and it was here that we were also joined by Carl Salt to help us complete the day.

The group had to work hard to get the rotations right and maintain the safe riding performance that sustained us through the first 85k’s.  There were many highs and quite a few lows...

  • Johnny Pops ‘popping’ a tube in Owen – a town that the entire group had never come across before and were then harassed by a small dog with a very big attitude.
  • Richard our formidable Captain who after changing Johnny’s tyre managed to somehow right hook himself in the lip when putting his arm warmers back on, who would have thought arm warmers could be so dangerous? The incident drew blood and nearly required the assistance of Dr Gus although this injury may have proven more difficult to bandage than Johnny’s previous incident.
  • There was also the poor form of the Captains sprinting into some of the smaller country towns after Wakefield (Roxanne not happy!)
  • Peter Pops smashing the childhood dreams of the children on the kids ride into Tanunda claiming sprint points...really Pete we know you are an ironman.

The highlights, however, far out weighed the lows…

  • Sara Flemming completing 163Km on the bike when previously only having ridden 90km in a day was an enormous achievement and one to be very proud of.
  • Alanna Melville being repeatedly serenaded by the moving peloton singing Happy Birthday for her rather special 14th Birthday on C4S.
  • How well the peloton came together to finish a grueling stage, accident free (other than Richard’s self inflicted fat lip).
  • Michelle quite convincingly beating Marty to claim Queen of the Mountain after completing 95% of the ride.
  • Finally, one of those great C4S moments, when the peloton was joined by the future ‘Kings and Queens’ for the final 5 km stage into Tanunda.  It was special to see so many kids have such a great time bringing a tired and weary group into the finish.

It was a long day but yet again rewarding, especially when welcomed by such a large number of family and friends.  Today was about increasing the Cycle 4 Sam family legacy……

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