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Cycle 4 Sam cyclist completes L'etape du Tour


Cycle 4 Sam cyclist Julian Trudinger has completed L'etape du Tour, raising money along the way for Cycle 4 Sam. The French cycling event is one of the toughest amateur rides in the world.

In a recent email he writes;

"This is one of the photos taken during the tour.
Must have been early in the piece because I look a bit fresh. In reality it was the hardest ride I have ever done. 9hrs 50min with 9hrs 14min riding time. (the pros did it in a little over 4.5hrs.) Of 10000 registrations 4422 finished. Only around 6000 started because the weather started of really badly. I came 2712th and was totally exhausted at the end. Marty, imagine going up a mixture of corkscrew and Greenhill for 72 km! The descents were so long and fatiguing that they were hardly a break!

Anyway in Paris now looking forward to the tour final tomorrow - good cuisine and fine wine!"

Congratulations Julian and thanks for your support


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