Cycle 4 Sam

Go Loans announced as new sponsor of Cycle 4 Sam



Helping You Get Ahead (HYGA), in conjunction with one of Adelaide’s prestigious mortgage brokering firms - Go Loans, invites you to participate in a unique opportunity to raise funds for Cycle 4 Sam – at no cost to the Fund OR its Supporters!

How it works:


To start the process, Go Loans, are offering a FREE, no obligation home loan health check for all families, friends and/or supporters of Cycle 4 Sam


So What’s in it for you?


Through their association with all the top banks and various other mortgage lenders, Go Loans aims to find you the best possible deal in the market place…one that will meet the financial needs of your family, and potentially save you money on your home loan.


So What’s in it for Cycle 4 Sam?


For every person that completes a ‘Needs Analysis’ and provides all the necessary supporting information to enable Go Loans to undertake their home loan health check, HYGA will donate $20 to the Fund as part of a fundraising initiative.


For Example:-

We have over 1 000 supporters of our Fund, but even if only 50 families undertake the Needs Analysis, then 50 x $20 = $1,000 will be donated by HYGA to Cycle 4 Sam.


Go Loans Pledge


In addition to the above donation, Go Loans have pledged to donate $150 for every loan they settle for supporters that complete the Needs Analysis.


For Example:-

From the 50 families that have completed the Needs Analysis, if 40 proceed to a new home loan written by Go Loans, then40 x $150 = $6,000 will also be donated to Cycle 4 Sam.


Go Loans Bonus


Over and above the $150 donation, Go Loans will also pay a significant bonus at the end of this campaign, if we refer enough new loans…the bonus is as follows:-


Bronze Bonus          20 loans settled = $1,000 bonus

Silver Bonus             30 loans settled = $2,000 bonus

Gold Bonus              40 loans settled = $5,000 bonus


In summary:-

50 Needs Analysis’ completed x $2= $1,000

40 loans written by Go Loans x $150 = $6,000

GOLD Bonus achieved = $5,000



How to get started


Please click the link and download the ‘Needs Analysis’ form.  You will need to print it off, fill it in and then send it directly to Go Loans via e-mail to or by fax to 8362-2025


You will then be contacted the next business day by Go Loans, confirming receipt of your form and also acknowledging that HYGA will arrange for the donation to be processed.


…. Have you done it yet?


* Go Loans’ pledge payments will be made upon settlement of the loan. Go Loan’s bonus payment will be made at the end of the campaign following all settlements.


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